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Educating the Public

The Oklahoma Wheat Commission works to educate the public about wheat production and industry operations through educational programs such as the Junior Wheat Show and the "Best of Wheat" (formerly Wheatheart) Bread Baking Contest (see Recipe Page) and various Oklahoma Farm Shows across the State.

Just released: 2020 Junior Wheat Show Rules


The Commission also supports the development and utilization of materials produced by the Wheat Foods Council and the Home Baking Association emphasizing the importance of wheat in a balanced, healthy diet. Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom strives to help familiarize Oklahoma school children with Oklahoma's number one industry--the food and fiber industry.  Many lessons about wheat can be found on their website.



Wheat Trivia: This easy download is a simply way to teach anyone about wheat. Simply print it off and tantalize trivia loving minds with a few wheat facts! Did you know?

■ Wheat is grown in 42 states in the United States?

■ U.S. farmers grow nearly 2.4 billion bushels of wheat on 63 million acres of land? (Source: USDA)

■ A one and a half pound loaf of commercial wheat bread contains 24 slices?

■ Wheat foods are considered a reliable source of iron, which transports oxygen to every cell in your body?

■ It is reported that as early as 6,700 B.C. man ground grains with rocks for nourishment?

■ That approximately three-quarters of all U.S. grain products are made from wheat flour? (Source: USDA)

■ The only way to have sliced bread before 1930 was to do it by hand?

■ That one acre of land, or one football field, can grow enough wheat to make bread for your family for almost 12 years?


The Power of Wheat and Whole Grains...

Whole grains have been proven to lower cholesterol and protect the heart. So, celebrate with the OWC by using our Whole Wheat Bread Recipe to add whole grains and fiber as a step to better heart health.

Team up with the Oklahoma Wheat Commission and the Wheat Foods Council to promote the benefits of whole grains in a balanced diet. Open and download this Nutritional Fact Sheet on the benefits of whole grains.

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