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The 2021 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show names Grand Champion and Champions

Congratulations to the FFA and 4-H winners at the 2021 Oklahoma State Junior Wheat Show! The process of the competition takes a full year from the time the wheat is planted and the awards are given. The main goal of the program is to teach students the importance of growing a profitable high quality milling and baking wheat. We are so proud of you!
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Best of Wheat Bread Baking Competition Names Grand Champions in the Junior & Senior Division

Congratulations to Mary Ellen Wooderson of Blackwell, OK for being named the Grand Champion in the Senior Division and Kian Thompson of Perry, OK for being named the Grand Champion in the Junior Division!  Check out who placed 1st through 5th in all the classes at the Best of Wheat State Bread Baking Competition.  Here is the link to the You Tube judging event.  https://youtu.be/Eg2IPux9UdY

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Oklahoma Wheat Country harvest is now complete!

Review the 2021 Oklahoma harvest combined into one report.

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OSU Releases Bumper Crop of Wheat Varieties

Scientists at Oklahoma State University are giving wheat farmers new options to plant in their fields soon.

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Stories from the Wheat Farm

A Passion for the Land in Oklahoma

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Food Video of the Month

This hot gooey Dressy Macaroni & Cheese is perfect for any day especially the holidays!  Enjoy!

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2021 4-H Junior Wheat Show Winners!

Kaelyn Kokojan of Drummond 4-H wins 4-H Champion! Check out the 1st - 5th place winners in 4-H as well as the top 25 list. Congratulations!
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2021 FFA Junior Wheat Show Winners!

Ryder Klaassen of Hydro-Eakly FFA wins Grand Champion overall! Check out the 1st - 5th place winners in FFA as well as the top 25 list. Congratulations to all!
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2021 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show Champions Awarded

Ryder Klaassen, FFA student from Hydro-Eakly wins 1st place and Grand Champion at the 2021 4-H/FFA Junior Wheat Show and Kaelyn Kokojan with Drummond 4-H wins Champion in 4-H! Congratulations!
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Meet the commission

Commission Members: (Left to Right)

David Gammill; Tom Stephens, Vice-Chairman; Michael Peters, Secretary-Treasurer; Kenneth Failes, Chairman; Don Schieber